Research and Publication


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  1. Dr. Shahnaz Pervin published a co-authored paper titled “Role of NGO Affairs Bureau in Regulating Foreign-funded Voluntary Organizations in Bangladesh: An Overview” in Jahangirnagar Journal of Administrative Studies (ISSN 2311-3812) in June, 2017.


  1. Dr. Mizanur Rahmanpublished a co-authored paper titled “Rhetorical structure and linguistic features of research articles in applied linguistics” in International journal of Educational Studies. (ISSN 1979-7877) on February, 2017


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  1. Dr. Sharmin Chowdhury published a paper titled “Pity in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness” in Dhaka University Studies in January, 2016.


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  1. Ms. Nishat Sultana published a paper titled “Rituparno Ghosh’s Noukadubi: A skillful Crafted Adaptation” Bangladesh Film Archive journal. (ISSN 2074-2134)
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