The Humanities Department of BUET with its socio-cultural orientation is based on the need to relate theory to practice and practice to theory. It came into existence along with the inception of the University itself. Since the beginning, this department has been working as an essential component of the statutory framework of BUET. This department is committed to providing the students of BUET with required knowledge in the fields of English, Economics, Sociology, Government, Psychology, Management, Accounting, and some other subjects belonging

mainly to the faculties of Arts, Social Science, and Commerce. Drawing upon the most recent thinking in the  creative world each subject considers theoretical exposure, examines existing realities, includes essential elements, and offers a concise but indispensable portion of knowledge in that field to enrich the students and to make them familiar with the difference and diversity that dominate the world of learning. Thus this department is playing its due role in producing competent engineers, architects and planners who in practical life prove themselves successful and efficient not only in the country but also in the world as a whole. As a multidisciplinary department it aims at developing in the students those faculties which help them to orient themselves in this predominantly technological world with more social adaptability. It aims to furnish the engineers, architects and planners with meaningful knowledge that may prove helpful to the future professionals to frame a balanced behavioral pattern so that they can make themselves competent to deal with any situation in their day to day life.